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So in a nutshell WHAT IS Yoga Therapy.......

Yoga therapy is very different from a general yoga class.

Also known as medical yoga, Yoga therapy gets to the root of conditions. Improving our quality of living, wellbeing and health, because it works with all aspects of living.Exploring and integrating our physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects, Yoga therapy not only treats the dis-ease but helps us understand the underlying cause and how we can affect it.

We can create long lasting beneficial effects, long after the work between client and therapist ends.[1] Yoga therapy teaches the tools for the why, what and how of the challenge. It’s personal development of body, mind, emotions, psyche and spirit. Using observation, intention, motion, breath, and knowledge as tools.

Yoga therapy has become a bit of a craze right now amongst Yoga teachers and medical researchers searching for alternative medicine. This is because we use the Koshas as the foundation it integrates body, emotions, mind, psyche and spirit, through the Koshas and activates our natural healing system throughout.

What does it mean to you and I and Liftoff Yoga?

It is about you and I designing a 20 minute practice that includes all of the yoga "tools" to help you feel healthier and happier....You then take the practice sheet home with you and do it at home DAILY (hopefully in addition to your weekly yoga class).

It costs $80 for a 1 hour session where I am totally devoted to the process of your yoga practice and not only will we have fun but you will walk away with something that is all about you and your movement forward. Increase your flexibility, strength, resilience and motivation by practicing your personalised 20 minute daily yoga medicine. It's totally up to you, return in 3 weeks time for a tune up of the practice or stay with it for as long as you choose. The most important thing is that you do the practice DAILY.

What sort of tools you may ask??? well here are just a few..

# I can record a meditation for you that will be directed towards your needs.

# I can research and provide you with postures that will alleviate discomfort and tightness.

# I can suggest standing postures to increase fitness and resilience using small weights.

# You could learn how to use physio bands to increase flexibility and mobility.

# Chair yoga can be used for subtle and powerful twists and strengthening postures.

Testimonial from a fellow yogi

"From the first moments with Karen I felt like I was with someone who had a down to earth and practical approach to my healing. She listened to me and she had an array of ideas for me to use over the 21 days. The visuals were easy to follow and I even had my own little meditation and essential oil for my daily practise. I religiously did the 21 days and felt more strength and flexibility in my body as I progressed. I continue to use the yoga therapy in my yoga practice and feel more positive about my ongoing healing.

Jacqueline Haworth

Yoga Instructor"

Liftoff Yoga Therapy and Counselling Community

Liftoff Yoga is a safe place to unwind, relax and connect with your spirit. I take a holistic approach to good health and wellbeing.

Today is a wonderful day I choose to make it so.

Liftoff Yoga offers workshops, courses and classes in yoga, personal development and meditation. I work with facilitators that are qualified and experienced with a genuine interest in your wellbeing. Liftoff Yoga Therapy and Stress Management Counselling is more than a yoga class it is a community.

About me

I started teaching yoga in 2004. After years of training, attending workshops and personal study I began to develop my own style of teaching. I like to teach a relaxed class incorporating traditional asana, pranayama and shavasana. I aim to increase flexibility and strength of the body gently effectively and slowly. I am also very aware of most students anxiety level and always design a class that is primarily effective yet relaxing.

Yoga is more than a series of postures. It is a way of life, a gentleness,

a joy and a privilege to be enjoyed by every BODY.

I am a qualified a yoga teacher having completed my studies at Myhealth Yoga in 

New Farm.

I have completed a certificate in yoga teaching with Swami Saravati

I have completed a Certificate in Yoga Therapy with and will graduate in August 2020 as a fully qualified and registered Yoga Therapist after completing my practical work.

Namaste Karen 

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a positive and friendly environment where every client can achieve a healthy lifestyle through Yoga classes Yoga Therapy and fun inspirational Retreats.

VISION:To be inspired everyday to run a financially and spiritually successful, independently owned, Yoga business.

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