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Yoga classes

Currently I offer a ZOOM class on Tuesday nights at 6pm starting

Tuesday 6th April 2021. $10 per class casual. PAY HERE

Bookings essential Contact me.

Classes begin with a 20 minute warm up session. This includes PRANAYAMA or breath work and movement that will warm your body from the scalp to eyes to the souls of your feet.

We may use fitballs which are a lot of fun and very effective.

The next 40 minutes of the class includes proven and traditional Hatha postures ASANA that are safe and beautiful to both practice and teach. This section varies from week to week and sometimes includes physio bands, light weights, the wall and yoga blocks. This diversity makes the classes interesting and improves the capability and flexibility of the clients.

Often during class I will recite blessings or prayers such as:

In the infinity of life where I am

all is perfect whole and complete

I am happy and safe

I am safe and warm

I am healthy and strong

Today is a wonderful day

I choose to make it so

All is well in my world

(inspired by Louise Hay)


What separates a Hatha Yoga Class with an exercise class?

Sometimes in class I talk about the 8 limbs of yoga. Usually when I spend a great deal time on breath work PRANAYAMA and someone may ask me if this is yoga? yes it is! and very important to practice as Asana (postures) which seems to be the western version of a yoga class. 

Obviously it is impossible to work on all eight limbs of yoga in a 1 1/4 hr class once a week but the observation of the 8 limbs and the understanding are important. Therefore in the studio there is no judgement, negativity or anxiety causing behaviour. Love and kindness are always present.

Meditation is practiced in every class. No matter how busy students may be it is so important to recognise this part of the class as essential.

Namaste Karen

5 real reasons why Karen Klenner meditates that you won't see in a text book or hear in a meditation class...

Because sometimes my mind keeps going and I desperately need to turn of the crazy chatter before I start talking to myself out loud

My body just aches just from the physicalness of looking after animals and 10 acres and it craves the stillness of meditation to allow the joints to surrender and release

I can't stop ideas flowing through my mind but they fly past too fast and I can't catch them.. meditation slows down the creative 'colour' so I can see it's beauty

I go through stages when all I want to do is eat for no reason meditation replaces food I don't need..I stop, relax meditate and fill the body with real nourishment

I'm not a good crier and rarely cry so when I'm feeling sad and can't release it like my lucky sooky friends I meditate and it dissipates the sadness in a generous organic flow

Bottom line is I can't do without meditation it truly is my food my friend my breath my life and I love it....

Yoga is more than a series of postures. It is a way of life, a gentleness,

a joy and a privilege to be enjoyed by every BODY.

Namaste Karen 

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